Standard training and education is vital for all security and non-security personnel. Team4 RMC offers customized and standardized security training for commercial, property management, police, and retail operations in Afghanistan.

Crime Awareness and security Guard Training

  • Team4 RMC fulfills a much-needed gap in the marketplace for security guards training. Our research found that there are too many companies and businesses in Kabul and other big cities that are putting their employees and clients at a great risk as a result of poor training standards.

We offer specialized training in the following areas:

  •  Armored car – Comprehensive training to companies whose responsibilities include moving large amounts of currency throughout the region.
  • Banking – Training employees in safety measures they can institute into their daily routines, including non-bank employees who make nightly bank deposits
  • Special events and stadium personnel – How to properly deal with unruly crowds and patrons
  • Retail –Loss prevention personnel at area department stores
  • Employee self-defense – Non-security industry employers that wish to provide their employees with a variety of personal safety and self-defense classes

Expert testimony – In civil litigation cases involving the security guard industry.