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MECC is an Afghan Company established in 2001 in Kabul. MECC is member and registered with: Afghanistan Investment Support Agency (AISA) by (MECC license No D-25751) Ministry of Urban Development (MOUD) by license No {(120/117) (1391/03/15)}. Member of Afghanistan Builders Association (ABA) by CertificationNo {(OMP-45) (255)}. DUNS No: 850540081, CAGE/NCAGE No: STY43, NAICS CODE: 238290, JCCS ID: 78450. The company have both Afghan and international management, who have travelled the world working for either their respective governments or for multi-national companies.



Lutz Logistics was founded in order to provide our clients with reliable, transparent, and compliant logistics solutions in the most austere, and challenging environments.  Our fortified solutions will exceed all customer expectations, meeting RDDs, delivering cargo safely, while maintaining excellent in-transit visibility, timely situation reports, and contractual compliance throughout the pipeline.  We have a team with decades of experience in difficult theaters which will ensure your cargo is delivered safely, and ahead of schedule.

You can count on Lutz Logistics to not only meet, but exceed all your needs and requirements.