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We are devoted to enhancing security for companies in all parts of Afghanistan. Our experts in corporate security are committed to the highest level of dedication to provide a safe and secure work environment.


Security is the protection of assets, both physical and logical from unauthorized access, theft or damage. TM4’s IT solutions deliver unmatched security expertise across a broad suite of software and hardware product offerings.


Clients from a broad array of industries rely on TM4 Security for a wide range of superior security services. As a full-service security company, we provide a comprehensive range of services customized to meet your needs.


Team4 RMC Consultants & Security Services helps to eliminate threats both at airports and on board aircraft, and maintain public confidence in air travel.

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The core objective of TEAM4RMC is to take an active part in rebuilding Afghanistan by providing a safe and secure environment for those who seek to restore peace and stability. As such, the leadership of the company is determined to participate in implementing and achieving the Afghanistan Millennium Development Goals (MDGS) as well as the Afghanistan Development Strategy (ANDS) in collaboration with the Afghan government and international community. Strict adherence to USG standards and procedures is paramount to best practices. TEAM4 aims to promote employment opportunities in urban and rural areas for skilled and unskilled Afghans. We provide a safe and progressive work environment to staff members by allowing them to grow professionally and achieve financial success for themselves and their families. Our leadership is committed to assisting the Afghan Government and Afghan community in managing risk and providing job opportunities in the cities and across the remote areas of Afghanistan. In order for developmental assistant to thrive, we focus on projects that aim to improve stability and cross-cultural relations. TEAM4RMC offers an extensive security and Risk Management services. The company was formed to assist and overcome the significant weakness and inadequacies of the local regional, and national security and protection companies in terms of professionalism, quality, customer care and satisfaction.

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Mohammad Omer Safi
Mohammad Omer Safi
Founder and CEO


We are Afghanistan's #1 Trusted Security Company for a reason.